Tuesday, 25 May 2010

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I'm pleased to say that over the past few weeks I've gained a few new followers, so it's about time I kept up with tradition and gave a big shout-out to those who have been kind enough to follow.

Chinny is a fellow student at The Hegemon, and his blog looks an interesting one about the wonders of computer games. As highlighted by a discussion over at The Plashing Vole the other day, we all know that Civilization II is the greatest game ever, with Championship Manager 01/02 a close second. Mind you, this Alan Wake game looks interesting, even if it would scare the shit out of me.

Lynsey Spence is a friend from Twitter. At this moment in time I'm trying to think of a catchy little phrase for that - "Twitpal"? "Chummer"? "My crew of Tweetz"? I give up. Anyway, she's cool, and you can find her here.

nadineoregan is another "Palitter". That's it, jeez, I really do give up. I first stumbled upon Nadine after she tweeted a question to Graham Linehan about the greatest film of the decade, Juno. Since then she has amazed me with her wit, her knowledge and most of all her ability to tweet about 100 times a day, every day :)

You can find Nadine's blog here.

And then there's the mysterious Christina, who since following me has now changed her name to Creditadvisor. Hmm. She(?) doesn't seem to have a blog, but if you do need advice on credit, she's your bot! Sorry, gal!

Of course the more followers I get means an increased pressure on myself to blog about interesting stuff. So join me next time, when I write about cheese, or something.

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  1. Cheers for the mention Patrick, this has made me feel bad for not updating my blog. I do have a whole different website and podcast on games so this blog is on the back of my mind. If you wanna hear some impression on Alan Wake come over to the site and listen to the podcast. The host has been waiting five years for that game. But I think you should give it a go.
    and search for Veterangamers on itunes