Tuesday, 11 May 2010


Oh God, I'm so depressed. As I type this, Gordon Brown is en route to Labour Party HQ having resigned. We now have Cameron and Osbourne.

And we'll have them permanently very soon - the coalition between them and the Lib Dems won't last a year, there will be another election, and the Tories will win.

This blog has been politics heavy recently - too much so for my liking. So this will be the final post about politics for a long, long time (I hope). Alastair Campbell, a man I respect very much for being a fantastic wind-up merchant (ask that prick Adam Boulton) revealed that to keep his depression at bay he goes jogging and trains towards running marathons. I however like to walk.

After my exam tomorrow I'm going for a long walk. I may be gone some time...

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