Monday, 1 February 2010

Buster Bloodvessel

Out and about on my travels lately I've seen a lot of bad manners, stupidity, lack of common sense and stuff which in 2010 really shouldn't be happening. So I've decided to have a rant about all this stuff on here. I appreciate all you loyal readers are learned people who wouldn't do stuff like this, but this is the best place for me to rant about it. So here goes...

1) Train etiquette. I was sitting on the train the other day when it pulled into Telford Central. An elderly man with a walking stick ambled slowly to the door and waited for it to open. When it did, was he allowed out first? No, of course bloody not - 3 "youths" rushed up onto the train, pushing (quite literally) past him. There were plenty of seats, so it's not as if they had the excuse that it was rush hour and they were desperate to grab a seat.

People, seriously. The procedure at train stations is very simple - when the doors open, let others get OFF the train, then clamber ON. And show your elders a bit of bloody respect.

2) Which reminds me - this hasn't happened in my experience lately, but is worth noting - if an elderly person gets on public transport, and there's no seats available, at the very least offer your seat to them. Just basic manners, innit?

3) I got off the train at Wolverhampton the other day and there was a chap in front of me. He was a "youth" and considering he had a haircut and tattoos he was clearly an idiot. Walking in front of me for about 500 yards, he then proceeded to spit on the floor about 15 times, no joke. Seriously, why? It's just pretty damn disgusting, and as far as I can see doesn't actually achieve anything. Please, children.

4) "Hello?"..."Alright Dave!"..."Yeah fine, you?"..."On a train!"..."Train, yeah, going to Birmingham"..."Yeah, yeah, been okay, y'know, the usual"...

People. When we're on a train, we don't want to hear your conversation. If it's vitally important, we can tolerate that. But if it isn't, either keep your voice down as much as possible, keep it brief, or arrange to phone the person back.

5) Which reminds me. If you EVER play your shit music on your mobile phone, without earphones, on any public transport, I will not be responsible for my actions.

6) I went into Morrison's the other day and was pretty much immediately confronted by a vacant soul. You know the ones - they amble very slowly along the aisles, their trolleys blocking everyone else, just slowly wandering around with a dazed look on their face, not really knowing what they're getting, why they're there, who they are.....

People. In a supermarket, have a list so you know exactly what you want. Go into the store, get the things you want, move straight to the check-out. It is a chore, not a bloody day out. Now, once you get to the check-out...

7) ...understand that you have to pay, right? Standing in WH Smiths the other day, the woman in front of me unloaded her items onto the desk. She then stood around looking vacant while the lady serving her scanned them in, then seemed to be shocked/offended when she was asked to pay for her goods. Seriously - whilst your items are being scanned, get your method of payment organised and ready, it saves so much bloody time for everyone.

8) This one is two-fold. Firstly, hold open doors for people. Especially if you're a male and it's a woman approaching. However, if someone holds a door open FOR YOU, it doesn't take a lot to say "thankyou".

9) FAO Mormons - I'm not interested. I wasn't the first time you collared me on the street, nor was I interested the 6th time you approached me. If I want to become a Mormon, I'll make that decision for myself, and take myself along to your church, or approach you myself. And why do you always bloody collar me when I'm rushing for a train?

10) Stairs. Now, look, again, this isn't difficult. If you have a public stairwell, what you need is two different lanes of traffic. One lane of people moving upwards, on one side of the stairwell, the other lane of people moving downwards, on the other side. If you do this - it doesnt matter how many people there are - there will always be a continuous flow of traffic.

If you don't do this however, as is the case at Wolverhampton fricking train station, you have chaos. You have people going up here, down there, not knowing where they are. All whilst having their luggage trailing behind them, wiping out everyone in the process. People, please.

If you need 2 handy diagrams to show you a) the right way and b) the wrong way - you're in luck. I went on Paint and knocked some pics out for you. PLEASE SEE AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG ENTRY.

And finally...

11) Just be nice and polite to people. It always baffles me how in December, the run up to Xmas, everyone seems cheery, in good spirits and there's a vague sense of community spirit. Come the New Year, everyone goes back to being a grouch.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for everyone to be Mr/Mrs Jolly from Jollysville, but as my dear old mother used to say to me - "Treat others the way you would like to be treated".

That's it for now folks - take care of yourselves...and each other.



(You better bloody appreciate them, they took me 2 minutes to do)

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