Tuesday, 26 January 2010

World = Mad

Are you sane? If you're reading this, you probably are, although I'm starting to wonder:

a) Whether I'm sane, and 99% of everyone else is mad
b) I'm mad, and everyone else is sane
c) Wibble

Let me show you a few examples why this is on my mind tonight. Exhibit A, please:

Kids TV hosts Anna Williamson and Jamie Rickers said they were questioned by police under anti-terrorism powers - for carrying glittery hairdryers.

The pair, who front ITV1's Toonattik, were filming a skit for the programme on London's South Bank wearing combat gear and armed with children's walkie-talkies and hairdryers.

Their fake fatigues aroused the suspicions of patrolling police, who stopped them and took down their particulars.

Anna, 28, said: "We were filming a strand called Dork Hunters, which is to do with one of the animations we have on the show. We were out and about doing 'dork hunting' ourselves on the streets of London.

"Jamie and I were kitted out in fake utility belts, we had the whole bulletproof flakjacket thing, we've got hairdryers in our belt, a kids' £1.99 walkie-talkie, hairbrushes and all that kind of stuff, and we were being followed by a camera crew and a boom mike and we get literally pulled over by four policemen and we were issued with a warning 'under the act of terrorism'."

Jamie, 32, added: "We were stopped, not arrested, but they had to say 'we are holding you under the Anti-Terrorism Act because you're running around in flak jackets and a utility belt', and I said 'and please put spangly blue hairdryer' and he was, like, 'all right'."

The duo named the escapade as one of the most memorable moments from their time on the show, which celebrates its fifth anniversary on March 6 and 7.

I mean, really. But the fun doesn't stop there kids. Do you know why Manchester United are quite a good football team? Because they're driven by Lucifer and Sir Alex Ferguson is a chief Freemason of course! Exhibit B!

(From 6:00 - 7:04 is superb)

My brain is hurting. Before I go to bed, let's take a look at this. It's a post on a football forum of my local football team. Will it be sensible? Clue - it isn't. Exhibit C:

i dont want rob n larry to go cos there the best managers in nonleague football and they will come gud again.

they should get the players a blue wikid before the match.

get the bears in !!

I give up. Goodnight!


  1. Wow – I did not know that Man U supporters were a cabal of Masonic lucifarian devil worshippers – bet they did not know that either. The bloke in the clip could do with some input from the local mental health services!

  2. Real Madrid, a crown, Chelsea, a blue lion, Manchester United a red devil, it is all starting to make sense now. Inter Milan are nick-named the serpent!!!!!! Oh! My!! God!!! The end of days! The end of days!!!!