Tuesday, 15 September 2009

In Memoriam

Goodness, it seems the Grim Reaper has been very busy doing his (grim) rounds. Not only dear old Patrick (great name, btw) Swayze but also that egotistic, brash buffoon Keith Floyd. They say it comes in threes, so who's next? I've got a few quid on it being Norman Wisdom, to be honest.

Anyway, at least this sad news has come at a good time. Because, as luck would have it, E.J.Thribb stopped over last night to watch the tennis with me, so I've asked him to come up with his thoughts on these two losses. Over to you, the Thribbster!

So. Farewell then Patrick Swayze

He who was in Dirty Dancing
You never did visit West Sussex
And so never knew the joys of Lancing

So. Farewell then Keith Floyd

He who loved red wine
You also enjoyed all foodstuffs
From sausages to brine

E.J. Thribb 15 2/3

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