Wednesday, 1 July 2009


If you've never seen it, Diane Keaton is gorgeous in that film. Anyway, I digress.

This is a blog entry, but it's also a cry for help. Since we've had a hot spell, I've really struggled to get to sleep at night. I have my window wide open (in case there's any nice robbers around), I'm not wearing much (hold that thought), I have a light duvet, I try and drink lots of water so I'm fully hydrated, but, it's not working. After thrashing around for most of the night, I'll get a few hours terrible sleep and no more. It doesn't help that my room seems to be like the Sahara desert all day at the moment, either.

So, does anyone have any tips/ideas they could share to help? All suggestions are welcome, whether sensible or humorous. Unless it's a jibe about Dido, than I'll hunt you down and stamp on your head.


  1. You need to tire yourself out before sleeping so I'd suggest a mid-night run around the garden then up the stairs. Or a Twinnigs's Spiced Apple tea.

  2. Cold showers. Keaton's brilliant in all Woody Allen films.

  3. OK this might sound a tad new age and be a bit boring but...

    The best way to get to sleep is to try and induce a state of lucid dreaming. The way I do this is to close my eyes and just think of something a little odd (don't force it though, just let your mind wander) then just let your brain develop that thought as it would develop a dream. i.e. as a sort of a stream-of-conciousness (or semi-conciousnes I suppose)

    Essentially you are tricking the brain into starting to dream and by doing so falling into sleep. I hasten to add there is absolutely no science behind this theory but it has always worked for me.

    Another advantage of this is that if you can get into the knack of putting yourself into a dreamstate you can begin to learn how to gain some control over your dreams (essentially you learn to know when you are dreaming, so while you cannot really decide what to dream you do find yourself with a more controlling role in the development of the dream)