Friday, 3 July 2009

Place your trust in me...

Sir Alex Ferguson has proved me wrong many, many times. I couldn't understand selling Hughes, Ince and Kanchelskis in 1995. I almost cried when he fell out and subsequently booted out Ruud. I never thought Michael Carrick would be good enough. Nor Nemanja Vidic.

He's not perfect, of course - Bellion, Djemba, Taibi, Berbatov, Ricardo, Miller et al prove that. But it's got to the stage now where I trust that man as much as I do my own mother, and all the time he's a) alive and b) sane, I want no-one else running the football club I love.

So, Michael Owen. I hate the fact he scored 158 goals for "them". When it comes to United I have a long memory, and I remember his "tackle" against Ronny Johnsen which put our man out for the season. A few minutes ago I felt physically sick, seeing him in a United shirt. An ex-Liverpool player, the shame. The fucking shame of it all.

But this is Sir Alex's decision, and I'll always support my team, no matter what, and no matter who. Doesn't mean I'm going to like him, doesn't mean I'm happy about this, doesn't mean I'll be singing any songs for him, or wanting his autograph.

Good luck trying to prove me wrong, Michael. And, through gritted teeth, I welcome you.


  1. Firstly, you need to take Berbatov out of that list of failures which if you looked at the form of those players prior to their move to the PL then you'd seen why Ferguson gambled on them.

    Secondly, I actually liked Owen even when at Liverpool he had the talent and ambition; World Cup '98 was just inspirational and like Alan Smith I had a soft spot for him thus wanted him to succeed at Newcastle. Now we've signed him, I feel like a child at a party given shit presents in front of my friends whom are all laughing like the little bastards they are.

  2. Haha, I only put Berbatov in there in the hope someone would bite!