Thursday, 9 July 2009

Female of the Species

I'm about to go into Wellington, to buy a few things from WH Smiths. No doubt I'll come back with those items, and swine flu, but it's worth the risk. Just before I do pop out though, some thoughts on female jealously.

What is that all about?! Seriously. I thought it was just my mother, but I see more and more evidence of it the older I get. Is it because women are somehow threatened by attractive women? That may be the case with women that are around their husbands/partners, but is there any need for it when it comes to celebrities? Maybe it's caused by women's magazines (the literature of hell, btw) which intimidate and brainwash women into looking as slim as possible. I just think it's pathetic - know any blokes who hate George Clooney, or Brad Pitt, or Johnny Depp because they're good-looking? It's clearly a female thing only, but it doesn't make much sense to me. But then again, neither do women in general.

I'm prompted to blog about this after reading a blog that rounded up some thoughts from media people about a Serbian tennis player. Let's look at the evidence:

Jon from - "Nice to see Ana Ivanovic get back to winning. Nothing earth-shattering but a 2nd week in a Slam is a step forward."

Matt from - "Ivanovic appears more determined to start putting up huge results again..."

Stephanie from The Gazette - "But she's in trouble...It's totally mental...Ivanovic has already dumped her new coach...The Serb is panicking...And her body, not a very athletic one...

Full excerpts are in that link. Sheee-esh, Stephanie from The Gazette! Jealous much? So, just to clarify, a professional tennis player (who was World No.1) and was recently voted the 11th sexiest woman in the world, does not have an athletic body. Right.

Ladies, some women are attractive. Deal with it. And now I'm off to town, braving the germs! (And that's just the people in the market)

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