Thursday, 9 July 2009

An angry live-blogging experience

22:35 I'm pissed off tonight, not sure why. I think it's because I had to go into Wellington earlier, or maybe because we had chilli for dinner, and I fucking hate chilli. Anyway, let's live-blog Question Time! I love Question Time, one of my favourite shows. Tonight, it's...oh no, no, surely not...not Shami. No, please, no. Wait, it is. Shami Chakrabarti, my arch nemesis. And wait, what's this! It's a students special. Oh dear god, this is not good. I would like to apologise right now for my swearing.

22:42 There is a student on the panel, who won the right to appear. Good on her, let's hope she speaks sense.

22:43 "Have the media gone too far?" Yes. Next question. And even though he won't be charged with anything, would just like to point out that, in my opinion, Andy Coulson is a fucking shit.

22:45 David Bumblebee is wearing his spider tie! Highlight of the night so far.

22:48 So far we've had "bankers" and "expenses" mentioned. C'mon "illegal war" to complete the trifecta!

22:54 Stuff about university. BORING! Get crazy, and get crazy quick!

22:55 Sarah Teather looks odd. Weirdly cute, but odd.

22:56 Someone with a lip ring does not deserve an opinion.

22:57 I'll admit, I'm cheating a bit. I'm following an internet forum whilst watching the show, in case they make any good jokes and I can steal them. Someone's just put this about Shami: "Effortlessly tedious, Shami specialises in piety, outrage and moral indignation."

22:59 Amusingly, that forum has just crashed.

23:01 "Was Nick Clegg justified in saying soldiers lifes are being thrown away in Afghanistan?" No, he wasn't. Next?

23:05 I've just realised that Sarah Teather was on the panel when I went to watch Question Time being filmed. No, really, I did. I sat there in a supressed rage. Thankfully the calming presense of Will Self stopped me shouting.

23:08 Oh my god, a ginger person has gone mad. He is talking utter shit. The worst thing is, he's sitting next to a pretty girl. How did that happen? He's ginger, for God's sake. And he has literally no clue.

23:12 Sorry, this isn't a good live-blog tonight. I'm just so blinded by fury, mainly because I've never seen such a clusterfuck of socialists and liberals like I have in this audience.

23:13 A bloke with a lip ring certainly does not deserve an opinion. On anything.

23:14 Nerd student on the panel is tee-total. Didn't see that one coming. /sarcasm

23:16 "The reason youths like us drink is because there is nothing else to do". Someone has seriously just said that. I give up. And then she clapped herself!

23:17 Haha, that girl just got massively pwned - "There are other things you can do, like pick up a book!" Highlight of the night.

23:20 This is all so boring. I can tell I'm getting more Conservative as I get older - if I want to binge drink, that is my choice as an adult, and I do not wish for the Government to recommend/advise me in any way. The less Government intervention in my life, the better. Things like "20p a pint night" or supermarkets flogging alcohol really cheaply isn't helping, I agree. But when you are at the legal age to drink alcohol, you are an adult. You should be responsible for your own life. Make your own decision about how much you drink.

23:25 Oh God, some question about freedom, or liberties, or something. Shami is going to be like a pig in shit here. Dull, dull, dull.

23:31 Dull, dull, dull.

23:35 It's over. My god, that was awful. I'm now actually angrier than I was an hour ago. Just before I go to bed, let's have a quick look at the papers, see if there's anything to cheer me up!

Fuck off, all of you.


  1. Not just me who found it pretty uninspiring then! To be fair this made me feel pretty old, seeing how young some of those students were and how naive they were as well! No-one really had anything profound to say, and Shami was about as dull as panellists get - why she keeps being asked onto Question Time is beyond me.

    Loved seeing that girl who said 'theres nothing to do' get massively pwned as well! No doubt the kind of girl who does nothing with her spare time except get drunk on exactly the same days in exactlty the same places every week...

  2. Gah, I missed the student special. However this amusing live blog makes up for it. Well done, kidder.