Friday, 26 June 2009

The Obligatory MJ Post

Like so many other musicians, he wasn't going to fade away - on one hand I am completely shocked by this, but on the other hand I'm not. I suppose it was always going to end like this.

How will history see Michael Jackson? I don't know - I hope people will remember the music, like I will try and do, but the cloud will always linger over his name. Forever.

To convey my grief over his death, I contacted my pal E.J.Thribb, and asked him for a poem. He hasn't failed me:

So. Farewell then Michael Jackson
He who did Thriller
On the 25th June 2009
He suffered a cardiac arrest
And that turned out to be his killer

E.J.Thribb 17 1/2*

*If you wish to purchase any of Thribb's work, please visit

1 comment:

  1. Top quality versifying.
    Musicians die young. They can do whatever they want and have nobody to restrain them. It's an unnatural life which leads to physical and psychological damage - it's the same in classical music.