Thursday, 11 June 2009


This is how it feels to be City
This is how it feels to be small
This is how it feels when your team wins nothing at all
Nothing at all

I can't get this little ditty out of my head today. It was always inevitable that Cristiano Ronaldo was going to go to Real Madrid - every United fan knew it, we just hoped it was later rather than sooner. But we have to accept that he's gone, and he ain't coming back. Farewell, Cristiano. 
And now, we have to plan, and spend our transfer money smartly - otherwise we really won't win anything at all next season. Here's what I propose to you, Sir Alex (long term reader, btw) :

  • If it's a sensible price, sign Franck Ribery. If Bryan Munich want over £25m for him, then fuck them, and make do with Luis Valencia. I'm not a fan, but there's a real derth of top-class wingers out there. It's also worth finding out if Nani can step up and be Ronaldo-lite (not likely, but still)
  • There's been noises coming out at Barcelona that Yaya Toure could be off, and not for a huge fee. Yeah, get him - we desperately need a bit of steel in CM. Rumour is you could get him for £15m - Gibson, Manucho, Simpson and Campbell being sold should cover that.
  • Finally, we need a striker, considering Tevez is off. It needs to be a goalscorer. A fan favourite. Someone who's name you can chant easily when he bangs in another goal. A poacher. A deadly marksman. Preferably a penalty taker. A player of international quality. Someone who's experienced playing in England. Someone who can perform at a top club.
Are you thinking who I'm thinking, Sir Alex? Oh yes :

Oh god yes. Make it happen, NOW.


  1. Yes, Michael Gray would be a wonderful signing. Great left foot.
    Shame he's been tainted by darkness, since donning the jersey of the team the wrong side of Darlaston (as if there is a right one).

  2. I just hope he doesn't fix his beady eyes on Rory Delap and Glen Whelan.