Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Democracy Gone Mad

I've spent the afternoon designing 3 pictures on a free program called GIMP. Yes, that says GIMP. As I mentioned in the previous post, I am hoping to get a picture at the top of my blog, and the 3 pics I've knocked up are my 3 candidates. So, who's going to choose the winner? Me? Merciless Public? Lizo Mzimba? 

Actually, it's you. If you look to the right of this, you should find a poll, giving you the choice of voting for either Picture 1, Picture 2, or, funnily enough, Picture 3. Underneath this text, you should find the 3 pics, in order, and I'll see if I can put them underneath the poll itself for future reference. As stated above, the winning pic gets the honour of being the picture that adorns my blog, so choose wisely, dear readers - this will be the first thing new visitors will see. I think the poll lasts for 7 days, so if you need time to think about your choice, you're maybe thinking a bit too much about it. Here we go:

Pics will always be in this order - 1) Ana 2) Lovejoy 3) Ronnie. To make it even more democratic, I shall not vote - I'm leaving it upto you folks. The more votes, the more the people are represented. Now go and vote for Picture 1, for God's sake.

EDIT: It turns out I can't just have 3 options, I have to have 4, hence the "None of them" option. If that wins, I'll have a picture of a chicken, or something. Mmm, chicken.

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  1. I voted none of the above. I demand a picture made on Paint. Possibly of a chicken.