Friday, 15 May 2009

Premier League Predictions

Last week, Mark "Lawro" Lawrenson got 4 results right, with 1 perfect score. Ewarwoowar MP not only fiddled with his expenses, but got 6 results right with 1 perfect score! That gives me a win, and overall it's now Lawro 5-3 Ewarwoowar. How exciting! This weekend, there's probably a lot of rubbish games no-one cares about, so for those games I'll just give score prediction, and no insightful and witty commentary.

Man United vs Arsenal - We need a point, and a point only. I think we'll get it! 1-1

Bolton vs Hull - Hull are sliding like crazy, and have slipped into the bottom three for the first time. Bolton have nothing to play for, but neither did Stoke, and they easily beat Hull. 1-1

Everton vs West Ham - 2-0

Middlesbrough vs Aston Villa - Boro are a terrible team, and I just don't know where they're going to get goals from. Villa have gone on holiday though, so a tight home win. 1-0

Newcastle vs Fulham - Similar to the game above. I think the Toon will win, Fulham won't fancy going up there with nothing riding on it. 2-0

Stoke vs Wigan - 1-0

Tottenham vs Man City - 2-0

West Brom vs Liverpool - Title could be all over before this game takes place, which could have an impact on the result. I want WBA to win, I hope WBA win, but they won't. 1-3

Chelsea vs Blackburn - 2-0

Portsmouth vs Sunderland - 1-1

Mark Lawrenson was talking to BBC Sport's Saj Chowdhury. I was talking to Moussam, my little house-elf sitting at the end of my bed.

If you have nothing better to do tonight, join me at 23:35 tonight where I will be live-blogging "Later with Jools Holland". Tonight's rubbish include Little Boots and New York Dolls, and no doubt a bit of "boogie-woogie" piano playing from the main man himself.

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