Thursday, 30 April 2009


"There's deer up in dem woods up der!"

That's a phrase I've heard often since moving to Salop, but I always took it to be an urban myth. I've walked many a time up/down/around/through The Wrekin (if you're not from Telford - it's a big hill) and the adjacent Ercall Wood, and never have I seen any deer. I also play golf at The Wrekin Golf Course - never seen any deer. Urban myth. People seeing things. Absolutely not true.

On the final stretch of my walk today around The Wrekin I was startled by a noise coming from the bushes (steady!), something which had obviously spotted me first and seemed to be making a mad dash to freedom. I paused, not too sure what it was thrashing it's way through the bushes, before they emerged onto the path. Two glorious deer, as cute as anything else you'll see this week. We had a stare down contest, before they nonchalantly skipped away up the forestry to safety, where they turned round and stared at me again.

After my initial shock I decided to take some photos, of which you can see below. Bear in mind that a) If I had tried to get closer they probably would have run away and b) I'm not exactly David Bailey. Sorry about the 2nd photo, but the deer is there, if you look close enough.

There's deer up in dem woods up der. Seriously.


  1. You seem to have forgotten to shoot the deer. It will probably now run into the road and cause a massive car crash and you'll be held responsible.

  2. Good spot. Evolution's clearly nonsense: how does cute AND tasty help propagate the species?