Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Odds and Ends

Sorry for the slight lapse from blogging, it's a strangely busy time at the moment here. A brief spot of respite however gives me the chance to tidy up a few loose ends.

1) I've gained a new blog follower, which I'm very pleased about. Andee runs an excellent blog, a blog which I happened to stumble upon one night. You can find it here:

and it's well worth a read/follow. I really respect people that strive to make a difference, especially when it involves sacrifice and incredible dedication. Thanks for the follow, Andee, and please keep doing what you're doing - I enjoy reading your site a lot.

2) I've started up a new blog. Relax! Tim Lovejoy isn't going anywhere. No sir!

A few days ago, I wrote a short story, and it amazed me how much a) I enjoyed writing it and b) How easily the story flowed from my brain onto the screen. It made me ponder just how many short stories and works of fiction I've got stored up in my brain, waiting to be unleashed. So I've created a blog, dedicated exclusively to any fictional scribblings I jot down. You can find it here:

It probably won't be updated as regularly as this blog, but I'm hoping that once it's up and running I'll be publishing works of fiction by other people (some of you guys, for sure) as well as myself. More on that in the future, I'm sure.

3) Project Alniro (see last blog entry) is ticking along, and we've had a few good responses. Nevertheless progress has been slightly slower than expected - I didn't realise just what a big number 200 was. I now realise that's an awful lot of celebrities, and an awful lot of tweets.

So this is an open appeal - if you would like to join Project Alniro, please drop me a line. I can send you all the info you need, and keep you informed of who to tweet, when. The more people involved, the quicker we can get it done and dusted. You don't have to have a Twitter account, or even like Twitter, I can sort all that out for you. Please do get in touch if you're interested.

4) I think that's everything. Stay classy, yeah?

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