Thursday, 29 July 2010

The Unofficial World Cup Sweepstake 2010 #2

Thanks to all of you reading this who took part in the World Cup sweepstake that myself and Dan conducted both on here and on Twitter. Of course, there can only be one winner, and I'm delighted to announce that The Plashing Vole, esteemed educational enforcer (alliteration!) at The Hegemon proved triumphant thanks to the Spanish conquering the world. And so we had to give him his prize, which if you remember was a "gift box" full of old tat that neither of us wanted any more.

This prize-giving ceremony took place today, and was a lot of fun. Meeting up with Dan at The Hegemon, our first task was to find a suitable place to make up the gift-box. We needed a table and some space, so where better to go than an empty lecture room? This enabled us to have a good platform for which to a) stuff the box as neatly as we could, and then b) decorate the box in the special way we had planned.

Dan took a few photos, which you can sample here:

Voley accepted the box graciously - even the England flag I snuck in there. To see his take on things, please clicky linky here. We'll do it all again for Euro 2012...

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  1. I was, frankly, touched by the amount of care and thought put into this prize. I'll treasure it. Except for the England flag, which I'll donate to the opposition next time I go on an anti-racist rally.