Wednesday, 21 April 2010


In my last blog entry, a few days ago, I said I was a bit busy and didn't have much time to blog. However I've just seen something, and I can't just leave it. I physically cannot do that - I absolutely have to blog about it. This is just...well, see for yourselves.

0:08 Ah, good, some wholly unnecessary footage from World War II. Only 65 years ago now! Wow, this bodes well for the rest.

I have no fucking idea about the thing of Marmite, by the way. If anyone does know, and can enlighten me, please let me know, I'm curious. I can only think it's because Marmite plays upon their "you either love us or hate us" image, and the BNP feels the same way about itself?

0:34 "I have four beautiful children." They've taken after their mother then, clearly.

0:47 That plainly isn't true, is it? As I type, the man from ITN News at 10 is standing outside Westminster. Sorry! I mean, Islamaminster.

1:00 I like the idea that the BNP are portraying that if they were a party in the House of Commons, NONE of their MPs would have been fiddling the system in anyway, and would be all squeaky clean, and whiter than whi....hmm, well, ignore that last bit.

1:08 Pensioners dying in winter! Whatever next! I have NEVER heard of that happening before.

1:26 "Our boys and girls are sent to fight a war that has nothing to do with British interests."

Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god. I shouldn't really be angry about this, as these people are clearly morons, but I am. Part of the reason why our troops are in Afghanistan is to fight the war on drugs - the exact same drugs that are imported into this country and which kill thousands of our young people every year. That is EVERYTHING to do with British interests.

Another reason why they are out there is to try and combat Al Qaeda, a very wealthy terrorist organisation responsible for some of the most sickening events of recent years. I don't know how many British people died on September 11th, but if only ONE did, than fighting this fight, once again, has EVERYTHING to do with British interests.

I haven't articulated that as well as I would like, as I'm tired and angry. Let's just simply sum up their thoughts on Afghanistan with - they're stupid.

1:32 "We don't hate anyone!" LOL.

1:33 "But we do love Britain, and we, like you, are angry that politicians have let immigration wreck our country."

First of all, you do not speak for me, you bunch of cunts.

I was born in Britain. Shoreham-by-Sea, West Sussex, as a matter of fact. I am British, always have been, and always will be, and I am proud to be. But that doesn't mean I'm stupid enough to fall into your uber-patriotic, nationalistic xenophobic bullshit. Is illegal immigration a problem? Yes, and I don't think anyone would deny that. Is it "wreck(ing) our country"? No it isn't. Oh, it's an issue, sure, but claiming that the whole country has gone down the pan because of immigration is absurd.

1:43 "What would our war heroes think if they could see Britain today?"

I dunno, maybe they would like the increased multi-cultural society? Maybe they would like the democratic system that enables you, no matter how stupid you are, to have a voice? Maybe they would wonder why they spent so much time and energy battling racists like you? And I'm loving your reverence towards Churchill as well, considering that he was a massive racist just like you.

1:54 What does this "second class citizen" bullshit mean? I don't wake up every morning and think "Oh, fucking hell.....another day of being a second class citizen under Labour!" It's a line that's trotted out all the time by the BNP, but what on Earth do they mean? And does anyone actually fall for it?

2:17 I've talked about this before, but I really cannot understand the hatred of Europe that goes on nowadays. I like Europe - it has far nicer cities than England, far nicer people, far hotter women, far better food. I don't foam at the mouth and recoil in horror whenever anyone mentions the word "Europe" or even "the EU". Again, it's spreading fear, and hate, to anyone gullible enough to believe this bollocks. I wouldn't have thought that anyone would fall for it, but having listened to the conversation from two youths on the train today, I'm suddenly a little concerned. They were two white British youths by the way, and I've spoken to foreigners who can speak far better English than they could.

2:26 I've got a feeling you're reading that off a card, love.

2:40 "It was us pensioners that built this country!"

Fucking hell - how old are you?! And he is CLEARLY reading that, fucking hell.

2:57 Alright guvnor? I'm a fackin' sleazebusta, and I'm propa nawty! I'll shit you up my son!

3:55 Shit, sorry, I take it all back. It's not because he's a racist, it's because the media people attack Nick Griffin because he refuses to "toe their politically correct line". How could we not realise?

3:58 "Remember Question Time?!"

What, when you got smacked down by a Jewish boy, amongst others? Yes, yes I do.

4:23 Ending with a tagline, accompanied by a rousing piece of music, that has just reminded me of Dave Benson-Phillips. Fair play on that one. Still, he is a black man, so that's unfortunate.

To everyone reading this - in May we have a General Election. To be honest, I don't give a fuck who you vote for - just please don't vote for the BNP. It's late at night, and I'm tired, and I'm angry, so I've not been able to articulate myself as well as I would have liked. But I'm trusting you, a good and decent person, to watch the video for yourself and to think for yourself - to recognise that these people are stupid retards who are nothing more than the modern day version of the National Front and all the other horrible racist organisations that have disgraced our country.

Please don't ever fall for their tricks. I'll leave you with one more video - watch it.

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  1. Churchill was, indeed, a massive racist. But he did win the Charlemagne prize for his efforts to bring about a United Europe. He even proposed to the French that the UK and France become a single country. So I suspect the BNP wouldn't be too keen on him if they knew a little more.