Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The Great Big Xmas and New Year Blog Entry

Hello all. As it's nearly Christmas, very soon various family members will be arriving to celebrate the birth of Gandhi, or something. And just when I'll be ready to throttle them all and shoo them away, we'll have to put up with them for New Year as well. The upshot of this is that I won't be lingering around on Blogger too much from now until 2010.

SO here's my mega Christmas and New Year blog entry. I'll probably miss stuff out, but whatever. For this blog post, here is my brief and pathetic review of the year:

Man of the Year - Barack Obama

Easy one this, let's be honest. The comparisons with his electoral win and Blair's 1997 win still trouble me, but it truly was remarkable to see the scenes the night Obama was announced as the winner. A win for every African American? Definitely. A win for every Democrat? Obviously. A win for everyone in the rest of the world? We'll wait and see.

Woman of the Year - Joanna Lumley

At the time, the Government was getting a battering from seemingly all corners, and it was never more apparent than Lumley's uprising on behalf of the Gurkha's. I don't think I've cringed so much, watching minister Phil Woolas wilt next to her at that impromptu press conference.
She had an advantage in her campaigning, of course - being a famous personality - but her bloody mindedness and determination eventually won through. I am proud of her, I am proud of the Gurkha's.

Band of the Year - Chew Lips

I bloody love them, even if my friends laugh at me.

Record of the Year - "Deli" by Delorean

Honourable mentions to "Solo" by Chew Lips and Taken By Trees' version of "Sweet Child O' Mine".

Quote of the Year - Mike Wilbon from "Pardon The Interruption"

"I believe Dan Snyder wants to win. I also want to break 70 on the golf course but it's not gonna happen."

Sportsperson of the Year - Valentino Rossi

This guy really needs some more credit from the press. 2009 saw him win his 9th motorcycling Grand Prix World Championship, and he's now 2nd in the list for all-time race wins. Formula One has the glitz and glamour, and attention, but this guy is truly something else, and doesn't deserve to be as shunned as he is.

TV Moment of the Year - Top Gear

The best programme on TV just keeps on getting better.

At this part of the review of the year, I want you to stop reading, and take 5 minutes out to watch that video. The camera work is outstanding. The location is breathtaking. The car is beautiful. The purr of that V12 engine is to die for. The music is haunting. The message is powerful. Just incredible.

Worst TV Show of the Year - "We Need Answers" (BBC4)

Excruciatingly bad. I downloaded an episode of it onto my iPlayer. I like Mark Watson. I like both of the guests (Miranda Hart and Ian McMillan). I like light-hearted quiz shows. I deleted it after about 7 minutes of watching through my fingers.

Honourable mentions to "Big Top" and "The Execution of Gary Glitter".

Sorry To See You Leave Us In 2009

Dave Dee
David Vine
Patrick McGoohan
Tony Hart
John Updike
Bill Frindall
Wendy Richard
Natasha Richardson
Nick Adenhart
Harry Kalas
Sir Clement Freud
Michael Jackson
Farrah Fawcett
Karl Malden
Arturo Gatti
Harry Patch
Sir Bobby Robson
Patrick Swayze
Keith Floyd
David Shepherd
Ewar Woowar
Eddie Fatu
Chris Henry
Brittany Murphy

Best Advert of 2009 - Hugo Boss

(wipes drool off mouth)

Chump of the Year - Tiger Woods

Cheating on a Swedish bikini model? Wow.


"What's Elin Nordegren getting for Xmas?"

"Half of everything!"

Most Pointless Letter Writer of the Year - Three Way Tie

Congratulations to J Wendy Slark, Bob Wydell and Allan Tucker.

Best Photo of the Year

Most Homo-Erotic Moment of the Year

Best Blog of the Year - Cynical Ben

Best Blog Entry of the Year - Dan

Worst Blog Entry of the Year - The Plashing Vole

I mean, really.

Best Blog Commenter of the Year

The mysterious "Mr Table", who wishes for a Steve Flack to become President.

Twat of the Year - Phil Brown

Football Moment of the Year - Kiko Macheda

Goal(s) of the Year - Cristiano Ronaldo

Hottie of the Year - Pixie Lott

UK News Story of the Year - MPs Expenses

Which is set to rumble on, and on, and on...

Man Most Nervous About 2010

Gordon Brown....or is it now David Cameron?

Film of the Year

"Up" - at least according to Dan. I don't think I've actually seen a good film this year.

I am sure there are many more categories, but that will do for now. If I've missed out anything glaringly obvious or feel I'm wrong about something - please comment. I'll ignore it, but, you know.


SEE YOU IN 2010!


  1. News story of 2010? Could it be my blog of the year coming so soon after leaving some books for you with the Vole - What some are already calling Pratchettgate?

  2. It was going to be Ana Ivanovic Tennis blog, but Curtis deleted it 2 days as he doesn't have the time to run it anymore.

    So you were 2nd on my list. No voting fraud here!