Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Opening the Floor

I'll be honest, I have nothing to blog about. Nowt. Nil. Nada. The letters into The Shropshire Star have been dull. I've calmed down a bit. No-one else famous has died (yet).

So, here's an idea. I'm going to whore out my blog to you, my loyal readers. If you want me to blog about something, leave a comment here.

You could possibly choose just one word - ie. "cheese", "love", "confabulation".

Maybe a person - "Biggles", "Joe Cole", "Albrecht von Hohenzollern".

Maybe a place - "New York", "Telford", "Addis Ababa".

Pop a comment down, and I'll blog about it. Promise.


  1. Ten reasons why you love that Drinking In LA song by that Bran Flakes 9000 shower so much. Ta.

  2. Transmogrification

    (Just to let you know, your latest posting did not show up on my blog. I don't know if it is happening to everybody's blog postings)