Thursday, 22 October 2009

Facht Off!

'Sup? I love facts. Interesting facts, cool facts, little-known facts, wacky facts. Can't get enough of them, myself.

You want some facts about me? Well, thanks for asking!
  • I'm related to The Corrs (apparently, never met them though, which is a shame. Apart from Jim Corr, couldn't give a stuff about him).
  • I know every single word (including the dialogue at the start) of Bran Van 3000's "Drinking in L.A." off by heart.
  • I wish Bruce Springsteen was my Dad.
  • I am mentally ill.
Another fact about me is that apart from sports books and autobiographies, what I love reading the most is when idiots take two completely irrelevant things, compare them for no reason, then send their stupid comparisons into The Shropshire Star's letters page. Isn't that right, Bob Wydell from Oswestry?

We read in the Shropshire Star that the EU was due to renew it's habit of sticking it's nose into other countries' business by calling on the USA to abandon capital punishment, calling it an unacceptable denial of human dignity.

Which it is! Hoorah for the EU!

*Breaks out Party Poppers, stupid hats and unfurls large banner with "I fucking love the EU, I fucking hate capital punishment" written on it*

By the way, I'm listening to B*Witched. "Rollercoaster" = tune, and don't try to deny it.

In the same issue the Star reported that a youth, one of 5 who attacked and killed a 65-year-old man with hammers, was sentenced to 18 months' prison and released on the day he was sentenced, having spent 305 days on remand.

That fucking sucks. One of the things I hate about the UK nowadays - judges giving out stupid sentences. All 5 youths should have got a life sentence - and life should mean life.

As much as I enjoy their single "Blame it on the Weatherman" - I do think that is harsh. The guy is only trying to do his job, whatever the forecast. Who's your favourite weatherman? Mine's Fred from This Morning, I have to be honest.

One wonders what the EU thinks of the poor pensioner dying in this way, hammered to death by feral youths who then walk away with minimal punishment.

They probably feel the same about it as every normal, sane person does.

Is it not a cruel and inhuman practice to kill a man in this manner?

I've just had a quick think, and yes, I think it is cruel and inhumane. Point being?

Where was the victim's "human dignity" assessed?

It wasn't, because the people who carried out this attack are knuckle dragging thugs and not intelligent, rounded, sophisticated humans like me.

People are still murdered because the sentence is absurd and that applies across the whole spectrum of crime in this country.

Wrong. By the way, B*Witched were too sickly sweet for me. I've moved onto The Saturdays, mainly because I'm obsessed with Frankie Sandford.

Capital punishment was not repealed in Britain because it's citizens demanded it.

Sadly, this is true. It is a horrible fact (yay!) of life that here in the UK, if there was a referendum about the death penalty, more people would vote yay than nay. This is pretty much the one example which has influenced my thinking that the majority are not always correct. With love to de Tocqueville and Mill.

It was repealed by soft politicians

Southern jessies. Cowards, the lot of them. I believe Maggie Thatcher was scared by her own shadow. John Reid - cannot physically say boo to a goose. Gordon Brown only drinks shandy.

who are happy to accept the pay and perks of high office but less willing to accept the responsibilities.

I've moved onto The Heartbreakers. Listening to The Saturdays isn't the same as watching their videos, clearly.

Does their spineless repeal of capital punishment make us all safer? I think not.

Nice and topical anyway Bob. The death penalty was only overturned in the UK 11 years ago.

(end of letter)

If you can't be bothered to read all that, here's a quick summary of Bob's letter:

Capital Punishment
Murder of man
Spineless politicians
Killing someone is really shitty behaviour - that's why we should employ people to kill more people!

"An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind." - Gandhi.


  1. Rollercoaster is indeed a tune.

    Good to see you back

  2. Welcome back to blogland - your post did show up on my blog, so it is working.

  3. Excellent return to form. Keep going…

  4. Almost forgot: clearly Bob thinks the US is a crime-free paradise because they have the death penalty…