Thursday, 21 May 2009

The Moussam Bardi Memorial Trophy

Head on over to Merciless Public for his take on this. Named after the late, great Moroccan quizster, The Moussam Bardi Memorial Trophy is a quiz currently being keenly contested between myself and Merciless. As I'm a genius, and better than Merciless, I'm 4-1 up at the moment, and need just 2 more games to win the 1st set. Yes, the scoring is based on tennis. I just hope there are no tie-breaks, I couldn't handle the pressure.

However, it did lead to this outstanding passage of conversation on MSN last night:

Ewar: "Perhaps we could get Moussam's widow to come over here and present the winner with the trophy."

Merciless: " she fit?!"

Ewar: "Well, I was thinking of asking Cash to dress up in womens clothing and doing it, so.....yes."

I'll keep you updated on my imminent victory. Coming up tomorrow, on this here blog, the final Premier League Predictions of the season, and "Later with Jools Holland" live-blogging!

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