Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Absent Friends

I'd like to start this blog post with a video, if I may:

Hope you enjoyed that, Sir Mitchell of Cashmore. Yes, FINALLY! EWARWOOWAR HAS COME BACK TO HIS BLOG!

Apologies for not being able to "live-blog" on Friday night, but I think you'll agree that Merciless Public did a far better job than I ever could. He didn't praise Annie Lennox, but I'll let that slide. Many thanks for the outstanding effort, Merciless! As tribute to your effort, have this:

Wow, I love "in-jokes". Also, many thanks also to all of you who voted in the poll to find the picture that will (hopefully) be gracing the top of my blog before too long. I'll put it up very soon.

I've been absent for the last few days - to be honest no subject really caught my eye enough to blog about it. Besides, Voley was off at Butlins or something, and the Cynical one is on holiday.
But just now I read an interesting blog, from long-term pal Alex C. He wrote it yesterday, (so the fact it's just popped up on my Reading List tells me that the RL is fucked) but the topic was:

'You are giving the keynote address to the graduating seniors of a high school. What's your advice to them?

I would answer that by stealing someone else's thoughts, surprise surprise. Whether you love this or hate this, I think everyone should read/listen to it at least once in their lifetime:

I particularly love the bit about NYC/Northern California. But that question got me thinking about something awfully similar - what would I say to the younger version of myself, say, me exactly 10 years ago?

Well, Ewarwoowar Jnr. (aged 12 1/2) : 

  1. You've already met your best friend. I think you've just had an argument with him over something stupid in History class, but don't worry, you'll be fine.
  2. Bear this quote in mind - "You can't trust someone until you trust someone". The trust-worthy people become apparent very quickly.
  3. I won't lie to you - you're about to fall in love/be completely obsessed with a girl. This will at times be great, at times be awful, but overall will be a good learning experience. Amusingly, the whole ordeal will turn out to be completely pointless (you'll never guess how the story ends!!!!) but you need to go through it. All those thoughts about her being "The One" - they are wrong, I'm afraid. But that's not a bad thing.
  4. You really need to start listening to Lloyd Cole and The Commotions, even though you won't appreciate him fully to begin with. Stick with it though. Same for The Smiths - your friend was right all along.
  5. In 6 days time, May 26th 1999, something awfully special will happen. Enjoy it, it doesn't happen often. And you'll love the equaliser more than the winner, for some odd reason I haven't quite worked out yet. Always keep the faith. And in the dark-ish days, never, ever, doubt The Boss. He knows what's he doing, honest.
  6. Some teachers will just not like you. It happens, I'm afraid, and nothing you can say/do will change them. The good news is, the majority are fine.
  7. Don't be worried abouts sports days - you'll always find a way to wiggle out of them.
  8. Start taking an interest in baseball! Yes, you only know 1 team, and they are winning everything at the moment. But that will soon change, trust me. Check out those Cubs over in Chicago if you want an interesting team to follow.
  9. Something ridiculously insane will happen in 2003. It will take time to get your head around it, but it will make you grow up awfully quickly. Six years on, he's doing fine. Apart from when he's beating you up with a plastic axe.
  10. Finally, in a few years time you'll think it will be cool to act aloof and be a loner. It's not. No matter what you say or do, appreciate that 6th form will be the greatest days of your life. Oh yes, you'll get to 6th form, don't worry about those exam results. All that work to establish a good reputation will be rewarded.
Blimey, all that has made me contemplative. Join me in 10 years time, when I'll be telling my 22 year old self stuff like "You really shouldn't have married her".

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