Thursday, 8 September 2011

Letters Move On

Enough claptrap about my life in the "real world". Let's go back to what the people want! Crazy letters!


I would like to join the rest of the population in expressing my disgust at teachers striking.

This letter is from July 12th, so apologies for glancing back to past events, but it's so distasteful, arrogant and wrong-headed that I can't bring myself to ignore it and bin it.

Anyway, yes. The WHOLE population was against the teachers who went on strike. Nice to see they concluded that without asking me for my opinion on the matter, but hey ho.

Teachers obviously think that they should be immune from the situation that a government they supported brought the nation to.

If you can't be bothered to read this letter, here it is so far, summarised for you:

1) Everyone in the country opposed the teachers strikes (including the teachers themselves!)
2) Every teacher in the country supports the same political party.

They obviously feel the children are a useful tool to blackmail parents into supporting their demands that the rest of the nation should fund their 


overly generous


pensions. I resent the fact that I work seven days a week to pay for their pensions while being unable to afford a pension of any kind myself due to high taxes.

I want to interrupt this letter for a moment, if I may. Because if there's one thing that pisses me off, it's Piers Morgan. No, wait, aside from him - it's people thinking that teachers somehow have it easy. We've just had the summer holidays, and my seven year old brother got to stay at home for six weeks. By day three, I was just about ready to strangle him. The thought of having to put up with him, as well as about 25 others, 9-3 every weekday, without resorting to frying pans around the head, is absolutely mental. No way could I do it.

Secondary school kids aren't any better, when you take into account their rowdiness, their sullenness and their chewing gum which always gets stuck on the underside of a table. Of course, it's not just 9-3 either. There's homework to set/mark, parent evenings, staying behind to supervise a child in detention, even coping with the politics of the staff room. They do all of this whilst under huge pressure to get kids through their exams and set them on the right path, an Ofsted inspection always just days away. Be a teacher? Not on your nelly would I.

They deserve their holidays. They deserve their pensions. They deserve praise. They deserve respect.

Which is why this letter is fucking me off quite a considerable amount. But let us indulge it for a few moments longer...

Teachers and all other so-called public servants

3) Teachers do not serve the public.

need to join the real world. If you want a generous pension then purchase one and pay for it like the rest of us. You can strike until the cows come home as far as I am concerned and I hope the Government stands firm because if it does not then they will suffer at the ballot box.

Mike Montane

You've made it onto my list. Well done.


Close down Wootton Bassett, it has become too English and traditional - can't have anything English and traditional can we?

If you read my blog often, you'll know who this letter writer is. If you don't, the unsurprising answer will be at the bottom.

By the way, I really like the idea of something being "too English".

"Breaking news coming into us here on Sky Sports News....the FA have released a statement saying that the contract of England U-21 manager Stuart Pearce has been terminated. "The FA would like to thank Stuart for all of his hard work", they say in this statement, "but it became clear that Stuart's services were no longer suitable after he became just too English".

Is CamEUron scared

I give up. I literally do. This is just...I genuinely don't know what to say.

of letting the world see the dead bodies of our troops that leave blood on his and Clegg's hands? Try and hide it away in Worcestershire or anywhere

"Worcestershire or anywhere" is an amazing, amazing bit of writing.

and hope there is no place anyone can come and pay respects.

It's only just re-reading this letter now that I see Val - yes, it's Val Duncan, who else - says "close down Wooton Bassett". Val Duncan thinks a town has been closed down. I'd cry if I didn't laugh.

Send the dead down motorways or back roads then the world won't see our grief? Destroy our military and force us into the EU Military Force? This 'fake' Prime Minister

David Cameron is a fake. The real Prime Minister is locked in a cupboard somewhere. It's in such a secretive location that not even Gideon Osbourne knows where it is. But he knows WHO it is, and isn't it interesting how you don't hear much from Michael Heseltine any more, eh?

is adding grievances to a list of things the people (remember us?) are keeping count of and one day Major (Maastricht Treaty), Blair and Brown (Lisbon Treaty) and Cameron and Clegg (Destroyers of our defences) will all stand in court to answer for their treason. The list grows longer and longer and the people (remember us?)

You've done that one.

are feeling more and more angry with the social engineering of our population, the wrecking of our economy and the insidious intrusion of the EU. Something will give and woe betide Westminster and those politicians and civil servants who are complicit in the destruction of our country. We will have revenge without mercy unless we are taken out of the insidious

You've done that one.

EU and given our own laws and liberties again.

This is vintage Val Duncan. Take it in, and enjoy. You'll miss this when she's gone.

We are a peaceful and just people, but we will not be sold to a foreign dictatorship while this Prime Minister pontificates over democracy for the likes of Libya and kills our own country for his own political ends and gold-plated pension


via a wasteful and corrupt union.

Val Duncan

Is there any way we can start an on-line campaign to make someone be considered as an MEP? Because I can't help thinking that Val would make an excellent candidate for that role.

Valerie Duncan MEP. You heard it here first, kids!

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