Wednesday, 29 December 2010

The Bucket List

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas, guys! Mine was good, tempered slightly by the fact that our internet went down on Boxing Day and has only just returned this morning (29th Dec). Virgin Media, get the fuck out.

Also over the Christmas period, my letter criticising Val Duncan made it into The Sloppy Star (see previous blog entries) and her response followed a few days later. It was awful nonsensical bullshit, and hopefully I'll get round to posting about it in a few days time (providing Mother doesn't throw the paper away first). However, because the New Year is rapidly approaching, it's time to play a game that my influential Uncle (he who told me about Edward Woodward / Ewar Woowar) taught me. It's macabre, and it's a bit naughty, so if you are offended - please, fuck off now.

Every year, "famous" people die. This is naturally unfortunate, but a very British sense of dark humour seems to dictate that we cope with this sad news by thinking up jokes about the deceased. I'm not too sure why, but there we go. The Bucket List Game is a slight variation on this morbid thinking, and goes along something like this:

  1. Each player can pick up to, and including, 5 celebrities who they think will "peg it" between 1st January - 31st December 2011.
  2. The game is played based on GMT. Therefore, a death recorded at 00:37 GMT time (1/1/2012) and 19:37 EST time (31/12/2011) will NOT count.
  3. Players must not pick a celebrity who is known to have a terminal illness at the time. This is cheating.
  4. Players must NOT pick the same celebrity on CONSECUTIVE years. If you're playing the game for the first time on the basis of this blog post, this rule won't apply to you.
  5. Picks are not exclusive to a single player. Multiple/all players having the same celebrity is within the rules.
  6. There will not be a prize for the winner. That's a little too macabre. There will however be acclaim from your fellow players. Which leads me onto...
It's 13:00 on December 29th, which means for the 2010 Bucket List Game, there are mere hours left in the game. Let's take a moment then to look at the scores currently:

Ewar (for it is me) - ONE point (1)
Dan - NO points (0)
G - NO points (0)
Cash - NO points (0)

Unless things change dramatically in the hours remaining, I win! Because I'm great. God bless, Norman Wisdom. God bless and good speed.

If you'd like to play this upcoming year, get in touch. Blog comment, e-mail, tweet, smoke signal....I'm very contactable. We're all going to have Thatcher on our lists, aren't we?

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  1. Excellent. I ran a weekly instalment of Celebrity Deathwatch when I edited my student paper. I got a big win with Mother Teresa, though John Paul II stubbornly clung to life.

    You can't tease us with mentions of the Shropshire Star faceoff and then leave us hanging. Get on with it!