Wednesday, 16 June 2010


It's difficult being a student in this day and age. I know I can't moan about this too much, and that you can always resist temptation, but distractions are being thrown at us every minute of every day from all angles - whether it be on the internet, games consoles, TV, DVDs, music, books, pubs, sport....

When faced with a choice between those lovely things, and an essay question such as:

"Stephen Goldblatt once noted that chocolate doughnuts are more satisfying than those with a jam filling. Present an argument for or against this statement, making sure to reference Lambert Simnel and Milton's Areopagitica in your reasoning." (5,000 words)

it's easy to see how us students slide to the dark side and leave all that horrid work to the last moment.

This theme of procrastination has been picked up on by Ellen, who's video you can see below makes me feel both happy and sad. It's funny, but it's also so so true.

Thanks to Dan for alerting me to it and to Ellen for making it:

NOTE - Blogger sucks, it's cut off the right side of the video screen. To see the video in all it's glory, click on it.

EDIT - Thanks Vole. Video should now be up to enjoy in all it's splendour.


  1. Sad isn’t it when Noel Edmonds is more appealing than writing an essay!

  2. When you paste the Youtube embed code, change the width to 425: there are two places you have to do it.