Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Student Special!

The University of Manchester has it's own Student Union radio station, entitled Fuse FM. Since 2001, it has broadcast on FM as well as via internet streaming, and has won many plaudits - notably winning several awards at the National Student Radio Awards.

The University of Bristol boasts having the largest Student Union building in the country, and former Presidents of their SU include Sue Lawley and dear old Lembit Opik.

The University of Birmingham's student union is entitled "The Guild of Students". Supporting 180 societies, The Guild was the UK's first student union with a television studio, and publishes the campus newspaper "Redbrick" weekly.

The Hegemon's student union, however, has done this:

My good friend Dan has already done this, and you can see his effort over at his blog. But I couldn't resist having a little run-through of this abortion myself:

0:07 That isn't P Diddy, that's just a man holding up a picture of a random black face whilst wearing a baseball cap. Casual racism at it's best. We're only 7 seconds in, remember.

0:25 I always wondered what happened to Gary Coleman.

0:28 I'll be honest - I've been at The Hegemon for 2 years now, and I've never been in this room - I've only worked out where it is watching this video and seeing the path they take. Mind you, if this is the shit that goes on down there, I'm not missing much.

0:36 I think this girl is quite cute, actually. Do we know who she is?

0:41 Fighting = shoving, before trying to dance up some stairs looking incredibly awkward. And the girl is back! I quite fancy her, someone must know who she is.


1:23 Trust the only person in the video I recognise to miss his cue. And all he had to do was fall over.

1:24 My favourite bit of the video - this mystery cute girl running out of the shot trying to get to the next room without being spotted. Unlucky!

1:25 What, in the name of Zeus's butthole, is "crunk"?

And for that matter, I've never heard this record before - it's positively awful. Kids listen to stuff like this nowadays? I wouldn't mind, but I've just paused a rather brilliant, poetic and emotive Nick Drake song for this bollocks.

1:36 Our Gary Coleman friend is back again. No joke, the magnificent theme to "Diff'rent Strokes" comes into my head whenever I see him.


1:42 From left to right - 5, 1, 3, 4, 2, 7, 6, 8, Gary Coleman, 9.

2:11 This bit is rubbish, I'm afraid. I am not impressed by it at all.

2:31 Rule 1 of anything - you get your best lookers to take centre stage. Doing a TV advert? Get a good looking guy/girl. Doing a speech? Put young, good looking people directly behind the speaker, in the front row. Doing a music video? Get your best looking guy/girl to do the "centre of attention solo bit".

I'm not being cruel, and I'm no Brad Pitt, but, y'know.

2:45 Sorry if we've interrupted you going to the beach, mate.

2:49 Worst cartwheel ever, no joke.

2:58 Dan has already pointed this out far better than I ever could, but for the next few seconds just keep your eyes on the left hand side of the screen. You'll see it.

3:14 Not much else to say, although I do enjoy the one person I recognise in the video having his SU poster thing being taken off him and being waved about by someone else.

The end. I've never felt so proud.


  1. That was so lame, this is how to do it

  2. It's not going to be a great party - the SU went bankrupt and hasn't had a bar for nearly three years. That's right, they couldn't even sell beer to students.

    Oh dear.

  3. Hahahahaha this well made me laugh!

    Nice review!

  4. Maybe you should pop into the SU they do more for students than you realise. It's not just about being a bar!

  5. Crunk is the rap where they "big up" their guns, bling, money and drugs and how mean they treat their "bitches" over a shouty background without putting anything that might constitute thought into the lyrics.

    In all fairness though I quite like that video, it looks like it was fun to make!