Thursday, 11 February 2010

Becoming More Like Voley

So, let's see what arrived from Amazon today, shall we?

Edith Wharton - The House of Mirth
Philip Roth - The Human Stain
Toni Morrison - Beloved
Jack Kerouac - On the Road

No, I haven't gone mad and started buying fiction which everyone pretends they've read and secretly hasn't. It's for a uni module, innit?

I reckon I'll find the time to read one of those, being the dedicated student that I am.

In other news, as I continue my quest to show you all how the world is slowly going mad:

A primary school in Weston-super-Mare has been criticised for banning Valentine cards to save pupils the "emotional trauma" of being rejected.

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  1. They're all good books, and you should definitely read them all. Though owning them is good enough.