Sunday, 6 December 2009

Busy Busy Busy

Sorry I haven't been blogging much lately, but it's all go here at Lovejoy Towers. Over the next few days I have to:
  • Contribute to a group presentation and project.
  • Organise 'Gary Wilmot's Tablecloth Diary' (don't ask)
  • Help Little Ewar with his homework, and his costume for his Nativity play on Wednesday evening.
  • Find a new Ana Ivanovic desktop background.
  • Complete Lego Indiana Jones on the XBox.
  • Play Facebook poker (an addiction, tbf)
  • Buy Xmas presents
  • Buy birthday presents....for me. (I'm not joking either)
  • Try and do some exercise before the late December eating splurge.
  • Do a WOLF posting.
Actually, let's do that WOLF posting now, get it out of the way. Let's have the question please!

[De Quincey’s] narrative persists in oscillating uneasily between affirmation and admonition: dreaming itself is seen as both prophetic and Satanic; while Miltonic allusions place the Imagination first in heaven or paradise, then in hell or the fallen world… It plays on the drawing together of imaginative worlds – the paradise within of beatific vision, and the unfathomable hell within of suffering’. – Lucy Newlyn

Yeah, slight problem. The problem being that I understand about TWO FUCKING WORDS of that. And I gave up on the book on Page 20 because it was pompous, pseudo-intellectual shit. I'm off to copy Shaun's posting, and then do other stuff that needs to be done today (watch football). I'll be back soon with a post about straw hats! I haven't forgotten!

1 comment:

  1. "persists in oscillating"? Isn't that a bit muddled?

    That is an awful quote. Am I wrong in thinking it means little more than: sometimes he is happy, sometimes he gets the fear.

    Some of that criticism takes a strong stomach doesn't it?