Wednesday, 9 September 2009

Ewar's HoF Inductee #1

Hello, good morning, and welcome, to a new feature here on TRAROTL - Ewarwoowar's Hall of Fame. Over the coming months I'll be selecting a group of people who deserve to belong in the hallowed kingdom of my Hall of Fame, and tell you a little about them and why I like them. Shall we have Inductee #1? Shall we?


Who else watches ABC World News on BBC 2 weekdays at about 1:30am?

Only me? Cool. I absolutely love the show, for one reason only - there is never any news on it from outside the US/doesn't impact the US. Now that wouldn't be a problem, but the fact the show is called 'World News' and then blatantly ignores the rest of the world just amuses me greatly. As Bill Bryson once said, "If you want to make the whole of Europe disappear, just open up an American newspaper."

Charles Gibson was born in Illinois in 1943, but moved to Washington DC when he was 12. Charles graduated from Princeton University in New Jersey, and then moved into a media career, starting on RKO Radio. He joined ABC News in 1975, and is perhaps best known in the States for presenting the morning news show from 1987-1998, then 1999-2006. He has anchored the World News show since 2006, but he will be retiring from that at the end of this year. Before long, the majesty of Charlie signing off with "I'm Charles Gibson - I hope you had a good day" will be gone forever, sadly.

In 2008 he was heavily involved in the race to be President - he was the co-moderator of the Democratic debate between Obama and Hilary Clinton, and he conducted the first interview with Sarah Palin after she became the Republican's vice-presidential candidate. Away from his job, he is married with two children, and in 2006 he donated $85,000 to a university in Virginia to establish a music scholarship fund named after his late brother.

Charles Gibson, we salute you!

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